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How does the ground wire attach to these clips? Do you crimp it on somehow?

Also, do you trust these? Wouldn't it be better to just use the pre-made grounding pigtails with a lug for a screw to the box? Or are there some cases where you don't have a choice but to use this:

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They seem to have limited use on bare, solid copper conductors and steel boxes {without plaster rings, maybe?}
You insert it from the bottom of the clip, the part that will be inside the box. Leave it extend above the clip about 1/2". Now, push the clip down over the side of the box (with whatever will work), bend the 1/2" tail over the side of the box and trim it off if necessary.

That said, these things are a big PITA! I rarely use them and, as said, will only work on a straight sided box.


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I have noticed that most of the bathroom
vent fans come with that type of grounding
system, i have always hated them but with the
limited space in their junction box that is about the only option.
Those are a pain in the rear. I much prefer the ground screws. However, those have come in handy in a pinch.

One time I needed to use a clip to ground an ancient 4S box that did not have a tapped hole for the ground screw.

Maybe it's just my background and the fact that I've never used these things, but somehow they don't look anything like as secure as attaching the ground wire with a screw.
...Somehow they don't look anything like as secure as attaching the ground wire with a screw.
That's why I don't like to use 'em. Not only are they a pain, but I've seen them installed incorrectly several times (which led to a really poor connection) and even when done properly, some of them didn't seem to grip the conductor very well. I prefer a ground screw any day of the week.

That being said, if I ever ran into a job with a bunch of old boxes that didn't have tapped holes for ground screws, I'd probably use the clips instead of spending all that time drilling and tapping.

I actually found one of those in a branch circuit panel the other day. Somebody twisted a few bare grounds together, left one of them longer, and placed it under a grounding clip on the protruding steel tab over the main breaker. Didn't have a camera so I just rolled my eyes 'n fixed it.

I've used them once or twice and decided that will never happen again. I always carry a 5/32 drill bit and a 10-32 tap. I can always drill a hole in any box and fasten a ground screw.

Blessings. Mark
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