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Posted By: ComputerWizKid Volts and amps? - 04/03/04 08:56 AM
I know volts/watts = Amps but how do I figure out the watts from and amp reading? A fan (12V DC Computer fan) says 0.25A how so I figure out watts? thanks
Posted By: pauluk Re: Volts and amps? - 04/03/04 09:00 AM
It's actually Watts/Volts=Amps.

You can rearrange the formula to Watts = Volts x Amps, so for your fan 12V x 0.25A = 3W.

(That's for DC; it can get more complex for AC.)
Posted By: Trumpy Re: Volts and amps? - 04/03/04 12:47 PM
Wizkid, if you are the specialist that your name suggests, this is Basic Ohms Law + Transposition of an Equation, easy!.
I can work these things out in my head!. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Bjarney Re: Volts and amps? - 04/03/04 09:28 PM
Er, there's this.

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