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Posted By: walt splicing - 04/02/04 06:14 PM
Is it allowed by code to splice the existing circuit conductors in a panel after upgrading the service due to the fact that the conductors are too short to reach the breakers. Does the code allow this or do you have to splice outside the panel in junction boxes then come into the new panel and terminate.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: splicing - 04/02/04 08:09 PM
You might take a peek at 02 NEC 312.8
Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: splicing - 04/02/04 11:30 PM
It is allowed
Posted By: George Corron Re: splicing - 04/03/04 12:40 AM
Sometimes to be a historian, ya just gotta be old. [Linked Image]

Not THAT many years ago, panels were thinner, along about 12". You may notice this in some of your travels.

We spliced anyway where we just had to. Then the makers, UL, and just 'bout everyone else got together to reconsider the space requirements and we got the 14" panels, JUST for you.

You're welcome [Linked Image]
Posted By: Bomzin Re: splicing - 04/03/04 01:21 AM
And now they fit between the studs instead of more framing or adding supports. They should have made them wider years earlier. Some of them are just down right miserable to deal with.

Posted By: electure Re: splicing - 04/03/04 01:43 AM
If our favorite historian's still around..
Didn't it used to be prohibited to splice or pass through a panel?
Something about the conductor in a panel terminating in the panel?
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