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Posted By: Jim M Palm NEC - 12/11/03 02:19 AM
i just found a PDF version of the NEC on thew NFPA website.

I would think that it should be possible to save this to a memory card for a PDA, but don't know how to do this. Can anyone provide some insight?

Posted By: DougW Re: Palm NEC - 12/11/03 11:02 PM
Open it, and copy each chapter, saving it as a text file (i.e. Art90.txt, Art100.txt, etc.)
Time consuming, and would lack the "extras" of Adobe, but it might be the way to do it.
Posted By: Bjarney Re: Palm NEC - 12/12/03 12:52 AM
Acrobat Reader is listed avaialble for several versions of Palm OS and Pocket PC.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Palm NEC - 12/12/03 03:08 AM
Where did you see it? I had a Palm program for box & pipe fill, motor calcs etc. but when the trial ran out I was not able to register it, even after emailing the writer who never responded.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Palm NEC - 12/12/03 03:09 AM
Duh I just read your post again I will look on the NFPA site
Posted By: ElectricAL Re: Palm NEC - 12/12/03 01:48 PM

Is access to the NEC .pdf at the NFPA website a benefit of membership in the NFPA?
Posted By: Jim M Re: Palm NEC - 12/12/03 10:27 PM

The PDF version is for sale at about $60. I do not know about memebership benefits.
Posted By: ElectricAL Re: Palm NEC - 12/13/03 12:57 AM
Thanks. [Linked Image]
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