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Posted By: mostwanted Going to trade school - 11/07/03 02:00 AM
I wanted to thank those who responded to my earliear post. I got accepted to the school. I enjoy this site, and hope that I can continue to learn here. Thanks for your help. MW.
Posted By: crash Re: Going to trade school - 11/07/03 02:53 AM
Although I did not respond to your previous post, "GOOD FOR YOU". To get Technical Education in the trade was the best decission I ever made in my carreer. I hope you do well!!!
Posted By: waymag Re: Going to trade school - 11/16/03 04:36 AM
What school are we talking about. Laugh at me if you must but I did 4 years at IEC. It was also the best move I made to better my career. Also in times like these when it is slow that 4 years of trade school looks darn good on your resume.
Posted By: mostwanted Re: Going to trade school - 11/16/03 06:25 AM
I am going to Vatterott College. It is set up in 2 stages. The first is for a electrical diploma, then I am going back to learn PLC's. The first coarse is a little over a year long, the second is seven months. At the end of the 2nd phase, I will be graduating with a associates of occupatianal science.

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