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Posted By: u2slow New 200A service... input please - 09/26/03 04:12 AM
I'm starting to plan out a new service for my house.

My current setup is a 100A service that comes into the house via service mast into a combination panel in the basement. This panel feeds a 60A sub-panel for my basement suite, and a 40A sub-panel in the attached garage. My back carport will be turning into a shop (no power yet).

I want to build the new service entrance in my attached garage (it has a common roof, but no shared walls). I want to feed my "upstairs", basement-suite, and detached shop each as a sub-panel off the main service.

What's a good way to accomplish this? I've considered a few possibilities...

1) A master combination panel with three large-ish breakers (40-100A) one for each sub-panel. Probably also feed attached-garage loads from this too.

2) A main disconnect switch, running into a splitter. I suppose only the panel in the detached garage will need a disconnect near the splitter. The rest can just be combination panels.

3) A main disconnect switch... and pickup a used meter stack [Linked Image] Has bonus appeal of monitoring my tenant's power use, and accomplishes multiple disconnects in a single enclosure.

My spare parts bin consists of a couple of two 60A fused disconnects, a 100A fused disconnect, a 60A combination panel, and two lengths of #2 ACWU that would make great panel feeders.

I can't say I run into this kind of design-work on the job... I'm a 2nd year apprentice and have mostly residential high-rise, and institutional experience. I already have some suggestions from the guys at work, but more peoples opinions would be helpful [Linked Image]

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Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: New 200A service... input please - 09/26/03 04:44 AM

Before suggestions come I want to mention that you're in Canada (right?) so please investigate any suggestions you might get to make sure they're permitted where you are.

I think you should check with your local Utility to see what your metering options are (and possible charges/fees involved).

Personally, I'd reccommend that you resist the temptation to use a bunch of 'spare parts' especially on your own house. I would typically save that kind of stuff for the temporary installations that come up now and then.

Take care,

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Posted By: iwire Re: New 200A service... input please - 09/26/03 09:31 AM
Bill your read my mind. [Linked Image]

U2slow before you waste time with your planing, contact the utility to see if you can move the service drop to where you want.

IMO you really do not want to compromise your design just so you can use whats on hand.

Good luck, Bob
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: New 200A service... input please - 09/26/03 06:44 PM

See that?
Proof that great minds think alike ... [Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: u2slow Re: New 200A service... input please - 09/28/03 09:17 PM
I've contacted the utility... After I gave them my address, they were certain a 200A service was feasible. They wanted to make sure my existing triplex was coming off a pole. Apparently the weight of the conductors can be too much for a mid-span connection. I will have to remove a tree for the new service. Other than that, I just have to follow the guidelines in this document:

I also got in touch with the local Electrical Inspector. I explained what I was planning to do, and he thought it was a straightforward affair, so long as I followed the BC Hydro guidelines and the CEC. He emphasized the importance of proper grounding - suggesting a plate - and ensure the gas & water are bonded as well. He even offered to come out and assess the situation if I wanted. (I'll take him up on that after I take out my permit [Linked Image] )

You guys don't seem to be fans of used equipment... My 2nd-year instructor (who used to be an inspector, and a contractor before that) suggested a few good places for used equipment - a 200A fused disconnect especially. Should certain used items be avoided? Are some used things okay?

My idea of using a meter-stack was only for my purposes - it would be on my side of the main meter, after the disconnect. I have free reign to do whatever I like after the main disconnect - so long as it meets code.

Anyone care to comment further on the original question?

Thanks for the info so far! [Linked Image]

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Something to consider with used equipment would be changes in listing and NEC requirements. Such things may include wire bending and conductor fill areas that may have been legal when the equipment was made but may not be now. I would not consider using used equipment. In reality 200 amp residential materials are not all that expensive. If this job were offered to me I would pass.
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: New 200A service... input please - 09/28/03 10:10 PM
If you plan to install any metering yourself you should look into what the rules and regulations are on that where you are.

I was thinking that you might have to have the installation inspected and the meter calibration checked at regular intervals to prove that you aren't cheating the tenant.

Does anyone know about that?
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