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Posted By: evan Service - 07/26/01 02:05 AM
I noticed in the code that a service head had do be atleast three feet from a window.

How far does a meter base have to be from a window.
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Service - 07/26/01 11:18 AM

Our local utility (LI, NY) requires that it not be under a window. Other than that I don't know of any other rules on the subject. Maybe you have a local requirement.

Posted By: cinkerf Re: Service - 07/27/01 12:12 PM

Our local power company provides a small code book of their own. I couldn't find a rule concerning placement near window. In the past I've installed meter enclosures less than three feet from window and had no problem with it passing elec. inspection. Mounting height must be five to six feet.

Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Service - 07/27/01 12:42 PM

Just as a comparison to Frank's comments, We are allowed a height of 3 to 6 ft. So, you see everywhere can be different. It's not a code requirement.

Posted By: Redsy Re: Service - 07/27/01 03:39 PM
My take on it..

I believe this clearance issue is rooted in 230-9, which requires claerance for open conductors without an overall jacket. The service drop, which is spliced at the service head is typically open conductors, and therefore subject to the clearance requirements. The service entrance conductors, which may be jacketed SE Cable would not be subject ot the clearances due to the overall jacket, and may pass closer to windows etc.
This probably would apply to the meter socket as well, unless local or utility rules prohibit it.
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