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Nail Plating

Posted By: Anonymous

Nail Plating - 07/10/01 02:55 AM

We have inspectors that say we should nail plate grouding wires that are running from the service panel. Me being new to this. Is this true--does it say this in the NEC. Also, What the heck is DYI (Or DIY). Sorry, never heard of it, and to lazy to look it up today. Just searching for topics!

Posted By: bhester

Re: Nail Plating - 07/10/01 04:12 AM

DIY = Do it Yourselvers'
Posted By: sparky

Re: Nail Plating - 07/10/01 07:50 AM

nail plates are cheap insurance, but the G-wire would probably weather a nail no-prob.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Nail Plating - 07/10/01 07:16 PM

Do It Yourself(er)
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