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Posted By: sparky66wv Another "Do You"... Staples - 06/27/01 09:41 PM
OK... Here's another "Do You..."

Do you use plastic "cable straps" or metal staples? Insulated or non-...?,

What do you use for larger cable, say a 6-3w/G or an SER ?
Posted By: sparky Re: Another "Do You"... Staples - 06/27/01 11:09 PM
i use viking #100 insulated staples, i will not use uninsulated for a variety of reasons,being the state of Mass. state motto; we have a law for EVERYTHING! has an ammended NEC forbidding them.

larger NM gets plastic 2-nail straps which can be had , as you know, for round or flat cable.

i try to stay away from metal....
Posted By: armelect Re: Another "Do You"... Staples - 06/28/01 01:45 AM
Down here in Pa. where we dont have enough laws when it comes too electric ( have station wagon & roll 14-2, instant contractor) I still use metal, larger nm gets a plastic 2 hole.
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