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Posted By: SMOKEYBOB Siemens breakers - 09/22/22 05:25 PM
Having trouble with Siemens plug on neutral GFCI CIRCUIT BREAKERS. These are tripping as soon as I connect any load, even my LED work light. My supply house & several Chief Inspectors are telling me there are no reported problems, but other contractors are telling me they change them out after inspections( I don't like that solution). 1 inspector suggested changing brands which means changing my primary supplier. All input would be appreciated.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Siemens breakers - 09/23/22 05:45 PM
Is this one circuit or several circuits. This can be caused by a down stream neutral to ground connection. That tends to happen in those over stuffed ceiling boxes as often as anything. You can't get all the neutrals under a big wirenut without some copper showing and it gets grounded.
As soon as you put a load on it, some of the current is diverted to ground and trips the GFCI. A regular breaker doesn't see anything wrong. They also don't like multiwire circuits but that usually needs 2 loads, one on each ungrounded conductor to make it trip.
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