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Posted By: BigB Reverse Polarity hookup per instructions - 08/21/22 01:30 AM
Another reason for qualified persons doing electrical work, most of us wouldn't bother to look at the diagram but a DIY home owner or park maintenance person might follow the instructions to the T and end up with reverse polarity on the 20 amp by doing so on this RV pedestal.

Attached picture pedestal instructions.jpg
Would a new GFCI even operate with the wires reversed? I thought they had polarity protection.
BTW just poking around looking for a 5.15 picture I saw this.
Posted By: BigB Re: Reverse Polarity hookup per instructions - 08/21/22 12:42 PM
Good point, a new GFCI won't work if line and load are reversed but I am not sure about polarity protection, I haven't heard that before and don't see any reference to it anywhere except that RVs built after a certain date are supposed to include reverse polarity detection at the RV itself.
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