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Where is Everyone?

Posted By: Admin

Where is Everyone? - 03/26/20 12:21 AM

There's a lot of Members we haven't heard from in awhile. Hopefully everyone is Healthy and doing well.

If you're reading this please leave a comment here, let us know you're still around and how you're doing.

If you're new and haven't posted yet, say hello - tell us a little about yourself, what your interests are... whatever

Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Where is Everyone? - 03/26/20 01:55 PM

I'm still here and healthy.
Working alternate days for my two jobs as required.
We are doing emergency inspections, and whatever jobs that relate to unoccupied structures.
Doing the best we can under the situation.

Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Where is Everyone? - 03/26/20 03:51 PM

FYI, it looks like NZ has gone into full lockdown based on a Reuters report from yesterday. The PM felt a full lockdown will slow/stop the spread.

Mike, if you see this be safe.

Posted By: Texas_Ranger

Re: Where is Everyone? - 03/27/20 10:46 PM

I'm under partial lockdown and doing boring office jobs at home. It's been two weeks now and I can't stand it! I do have the next two weeks off, which is decidedly an improvement over editing, formatting and translating instruction booklets for basic 3D modelling and 2D vector drawing for laser engraving.
Posted By: JoeTestingEngr

Re: Where is Everyone? - 03/28/20 05:39 PM

I'm doing fine here in Chicago. I do all of my drawings in General CADD Pro.(Modern version of Generic CADD) Since anyone can download it, I just had to bring the USB dongle home to be able to save drawings on my computers. I've been drawing schematics and laying out PCBs for projects that have been running on the back burner. I consider myself mightily blessed to be able to work from home!

As for ECN, I really miss all of active discussions we used to have in the technical areas!
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Where is Everyone? - 03/29/20 02:46 AM

Hey John,
Yes, we did get put into a full lock-down the other day over here.
I have been out to do the odd "urgent" job or 3 since then.

It's quite strange, having never experienced something like this before, in that you have to tell your customer that there is to be no-one in the immediate area where you are working, while you're on site.

Pretty much EVERYTHING is closed here apart from supermarkets, service-stations make you pay through the little window when you get fuel, that's all you can really do here.
All fast-food outlets and the like are closed, if you need milk or whatever from the corner shop, they have a policy of only one person in the shop at any one time.

Kiwi's are funny folks, in that they don't like being told what to do and you see the odd car go past and you wonder where they're going, because we were all told to stay at home unless it is to get food from the supermarket or get fuel.

It's only been 4-5 days into the 4 weeks, I can't see some people lasting here.
I'm quite lucky in that, I have a chest freezer full of food, my garden provided a decent yield of veges last summer and I have enough meat to keep me going for a couple of months if need be.

I hope that everyone reading this is coping well with the restrictions imposed on them,
just remember, this disease will only be got on top of, if everyone follows the rules.
Posted By: Texas_Ranger

Re: Where is Everyone? - 03/30/20 10:51 PM

In Austria, everyone was hoping for the restrictions to be eased off after Easter but it's not looking good right now, even though the figures look very promising to me - today the increase rate of infections went below 10% for the first time since the outbreak! The progression is essentially linear instead of exponential as they'd initially feared. The government on the other hand keeps talking about implementing even stricter measures, without actually naming them. Everything's closed except for essential production, supermarkets and small grocery stores, drug stores, pharmacies, car and bicycle repair stores and tobacconists. Public transport has been cut down to weekend timetables and people are advised to avoid it. The city of Vienna is sending out 50 Euro taxi vouchers to all senior citizens, little sense as that makes. As of Wednesday, masks will be required in supermarkets, we'll see if they can actually find enough to enforce that.

Oddly enough, construction sites haven't been shut down yet, on the contrary. One of the largest contractors closed all their sites but re-opened them late last week.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Where is Everyone? - 09/01/20 05:51 PM

OK, an update from the Garden State (NJ, USA)

In a few days, we will be able to have indoor dining again, however at 25% capacity of the business. I still feel sorry for the owners of the businesses, and the employees who have basically been out since mid-March. Yes, we have 'outdoor' dining, with the 6' social distance, but they are still hurting.

Gyms and health club type places were allowed to re-open today, again with limited capacity and distancing, and masks are still mandatory.

For the most part, all businesses are now 'open' with a lot lo restrictions by Executive Orders from our Governor.

State offices are still 'remote' for the most part, and the facilities that are 'open' are packed with people. Unemployment Offices, Motor Vehicle, etc are packed.

Other then that 'Welcome to the new "Semi-Normal"
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: Where is Everyone? - 09/01/20 09:19 PM

The surprising one to me is how many people in the health care industry are going broke. One of my old IBM buddies has been selling medical equipment for the last 20 years since IBM laid him off and he says the whole industry is depressed. He also said that "Ventilator" thing was over hyped. Do you want one? He has a warehouse full.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Where is Everyone? - 09/02/20 07:08 PM

We should have invested in plexiglass, and clear shower curtains!! Also, the builders are complaining about material costs going thru the roof. 2x4 pre-cuts from <$2 to >$6 each. Plus a lot of shortages.

We had a rumor of a warehouse full of ventilators back in mid April, stored with no place to go.
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: Where is Everyone? - 09/03/20 05:19 PM

It is what happens when "News" organizations make up the news instead of just reporting it. The other story out there is the craft distillers tricked into making hand sanitizer. Now they have thousands of gallons of it they can't sell. This reminds me a lot of Y2K. There was a real issue then too but nothing even close to the hype.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Where is Everyone? - 09/03/20 05:57 PM

Yes I remember all the "Y-2-K" compliant labels! One of my clients back then was a group that made a machine that was used to write 'master plates' for computer chips. They dealt in nano-meters, and all were a strange bunch of Engineer types. They spent a lot of $$$$ for Y2K.

I drew the line in the sand when they wanted all our tools to be Y2K 'safe'???

Heck, we put labels on the Makita battery screw guns!!
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Where is Everyone? - 09/08/20 07:14 AM

Originally Posted by gfretwell
It is what happens when "News" organizations make up the news instead of just reporting it. The other story out there is the craft distillers tricked into making hand sanitizer. Now they have thousands of gallons of it they can't sell. This reminds me a lot of Y2K. There was a real issue then too but nothing even close to the hype.

Totally agree, Greg,
The more hysteria the "news" companies can whip up, the higher the ratings, for them.
This in no way helps the people on the street, in fact it is counter-productive, when the Covid-19 thing first started
the "meeja" caused all the panic buying of stuff that people didn't even need.
I mean toilet paper, people had all this in their trolleys and no food, I'm not sure how that works. crazy
We've seen rioting and so forth in various places in the US, lately, if the media didn't fuel them fires, how bad would it have actually have been?
Sorry, I didn't want to make it a political thing, but every time, the media is there to up the ante, for their own purposes and theirs alone. mad
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Where is Everyone? - 09/08/20 06:36 PM

Hey Mike, Portland Oregon (for one) is on about the 100th day of unrest. Civil disobedience (Riot).

Yes, media has it on the 'news' everyday
Posted By: grich

Re: Where is Everyone? - 09/08/20 06:50 PM

The one thing we didn't have in Y2K that we have now is pervasive "social media", spewing all sorts of rumor and outright fabrication, either coming from stupid people or smartly crafted by someone wanting to manipulate stupid people.

And I am getting tired of Facebook yelling at me to sign up to vote EVERY time I log in...
Posted By: RODALCO

Re: Where is Everyone? - 10/02/20 03:40 AM

Yes still there, life is busy and sometimes forget about posting in forums as there is so much else to do.

I admit spending sometimes too much time on Facebook and YouTube.

Heading into spring here in NZ and look forward to that.

Covid-19 is a pain as it had slowed down the economy world wide and I am tired of all the temporary restrictions.
Posted By: Bill Addiss

Re: Where is Everyone? - 10/17/20 11:04 PM

No doubt, without Politics we could all recover and move on a whole lot easier...! mad
Posted By: Lostazhell

Re: Where is Everyone? - 11/21/20 09:17 AM

Hello everyone! It has been a while! I'm still in the rat race, working in the SF Bay area for the last 4 years (essentially since the oilfields/oil prices took a nosedive) on everything from GoPro to Facebook to currently a 14 story big pharma cancer treatment research lab/facility in South San Francisco. While I do miss the constant variety that service work provided, I'm in a much more stable position now... (Just 240 miles from home though.)

Still haven't had the 'rona and can't wait for life to get back to normal...

Hope everyone is in good health and making it through!
Posted By: mbhydro

Re: Where is Everyone? - 11/27/20 09:04 PM

Starting to get a little scary here in Manitoba Canada. We are at a 14% test rate for Covid-19 where I live in Winnipeg.

One of the smaller cities about 30 minutes east of me is at a 40% test rate and they are having protests from some of the church groups there about limiting the number of people at church services and having to wear face masks.

There was next to no in person Black Friday shopping here due to the health dept shopping shutdown rules.
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: Where is Everyone? - 11/27/20 11:18 PM

We suddenly had a mass influx of northerners at the beach this weekend and I think we will see a lot of new infections. I am not much of a beach guy so I won't be part of that mess.
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Where is Everyone? - 11/30/20 08:11 AM

Is that like the last gasp of summer people from the north heading down your way?
How far north are you talking?

I was on the understanding that the Government told everyone to stay at home over Thanksgiving, to try and keep the Covid 19 thing under wraps.
Yet there seemed to be people flying everywhere, like nothing at all was a problem, as long as you wore a mask.
And in the queues, there were people that weren't wearing masks.

Over here, the Pakistani cricket team are staying in Christchurch, they breached the Quarantine cordons and went to visit some friends, 6 of them tested positive a day later. mad
Who know's who they met up with.
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: Where is Everyone? - 11/30/20 09:12 PM

Our snowbirds seem to be coming early. Usually we don't see them in force until after Christmas. These are usually from the upper midwest. (Ohio to Wisconsin/Minnesota).
The Canadians are supposed to stay home but they are doing strange things to hop the border like shipping their car and coming over in a helicopter. This last week simply demonstrates that Americans have a bad habit of not doing anything the government tells them to. We set records for the most people on a plane since Covid got going.
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Where is Everyone? - 12/02/20 08:51 AM

All of our recent Covid-19 cases in the last 2 months or so have been from people coming in from overseas.
It's like the government still lets people in and they have the virus even before they came here.
I mean, we live here on a couple of islands in the middle of the sea, this sort of thing should not even be happening.
If I was running the show, you would be tested before you even got on the plane and then tested again before you leave the airport to go to the Quarantine facility.
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Where is Everyone? - 12/30/20 05:00 AM

This new variant of Covid-19 was a bit of a shock, it turned up from a guy from South Africa in the UK.
Personally, if I was running the show, we would SHUT all of our borders to everyone.
Admittedly, we live on a couple of islands here, this helps us to a certain degree, but if this gets ingrained here,
it will be bloody hard to eradicate, as there is no means of escape.
And you have people freaking out that they can't go home for Xmas with their families, my opinion on this is this,
do you want to go home to your family later on or do you want to end up in a coffin.
Your choice and you could infect the rest of your family.
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