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What is this?

Posted By: BigB

What is this? - 09/11/19 01:58 AM

It is inscribed IBEW and EFCOR (ELECTRICAL FITTINGS CORPORATION). (I know what IBEW is but I am not sure what the fitting is)

Attached picture ibew.JPG
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: What is this? - 09/11/19 11:50 PM

A bonding strap for bus bars?
What is the material?
Posted By: BigB

Re: What is this? - 09/12/19 01:24 AM

That was my best guess as well. The material is steel that's all I know, it's magnetic, 3" long and drilled holes slightly over 1/4". I only got a picture from a fellow blacksmith who has a pile of them. In the pic it looks to be plated.
Posted By: NORCAL

Re: What is this? - 09/12/19 04:55 AM

Somewhere I have a old EFCOR catalog, wish knew where it was, might have a chance of solving the mystery.....
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