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Installing a small swimming pool

Posted By: ChrisFuller

Installing a small swimming pool - 10/29/18 05:06 AM

Hi, I am not an electrician, just looking for some advice please - thanks. I am looking at putting a small swimming pool in an industrial unit to open a swim school. The existing RCD board is currently in zone 1 and has lots of surface mounted cabling serving the existing lights etc, some also in zone 1. The landlord doesn’t want the RCD to be moved. Is it possible to create an enclosure which would put the RCD and associated cabling into a safe zone or even out of the pool room altogether?
I just want to be safe and not harm any of my students who come to learn swimming. I will be calling an elecrical repair service to make it done if ever it is possible.
Thanks for your help.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Installing a small swimming pool - 10/29/18 06:47 PM

I suggest that you contact a local Licensed Electrical Contractor!

Also, you may need plans from a local Licensed Engineer/Design Professional as IF you were proposing to do what you state here in NJ, you would need plans by a Lic. Professional.

I will leave this thread open for one of Canadian members to comment.
Posted By: TimothyHallam

Re: Installing a small swimming pool - 10/31/18 03:42 AM

I think you should contact a professional for this and then he may guide you after having a look at the location
Posted By: Dillow

Re: Installing a small swimming pool - 11/26/18 10:57 AM

What did you end up doing, Chris? I'm planning something similar in the Spring and I'm wondering if this can be done on my own or do I have to consult a professional.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Installing a small swimming pool - 11/26/18 05:50 PM


Just an FYI; this forum is NOT a solution to any DIY projects. Your profile states that you are an electrician.

The best and only advice that can be presented is to contact a qualified electrical contractor, that is licensed and insured in your area.

DIY for any type of swimming pool is not recommended by anyone here.

I am locking this thread as of now.
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