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Lighting Plan

Posted By: KevinL

Lighting Plan - 10/23/18 04:11 AM

What is the best lighting plan for home ? Share your suggestions. Thank you
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: Lighting Plan - 10/24/18 03:36 AM

My general plan is all "walking around light" is muted and on motion detectors and the rest is task lighting for when you really need to see something. Most of that is still on dimmers.
The only place without motion lights is the bedrooms. Where they are great is the hallways, kitchen and bathroom.
A lot really depends on your floor plan.
Posted By: ChrisFuller

Re: Lighting Plan - 10/29/18 05:03 AM

Flip a light switch: For most Americans, it's one of the first things they do each morning, and one of the last things they do each night—so common a gesture they barely take notice. Yet electric lighting is the single most significant factor in today's 24/7 lifestyle, enabling people to work or play any time they choose.
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