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Restaurant Exhaust Fan

Posted By: mikethebull

Restaurant Exhaust Fan - 06/02/18 09:08 PM

Does any one know or how to find the decibel level of an exhaust fan in a small restaurant . The fan is loud enough that you can barely hear a conversation. I know these fans are loud ,but I don't know what they are supposed to be. I have searched other places on the "net" but haven't found any answers
Posted By: JoeTestingEngr

Re: Restaurant Exhaust Fan - 06/03/18 03:56 PM

You should be able to get the CFM and dB level from the manufacturer. But that's for a new fan that doesn't have worn bearings and isn't covered with grease. You should use a dB or Sound Level Meter to get an actual reading OR there are apps for that.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Restaurant Exhaust Fan - 06/04/18 05:15 PM

Are the baffles in the hood??
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