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Posted By: Trumpy OT: RIP Tom Petty - 10/04/17 10:00 AM
Sorry about this off-topic thread, but to hear that Tom Petty has passed away, really left me dumb-struck.
This was the one guy that got me into playing music in the first place, back in the late 70's, I heard "Breakdown" for the first time, I was hooked on music.
To be honest, I was watching a documentary about him just last week on Netflix and he came across as one of the nicest, honest people in the music industry, having come from humble beginnings.
To be posting this feels really bad, I can't believe that such a talent like this has been taken away like this.
Thanks for reading this.

Mike T.
Posted By: Admin Re: OT: RIP Tom Petty - 10/07/17 05:46 PM
Hi Mike,

Back in the 70s I was more into Dylan, Grateful Dead, etc, but I hear you.

We've lost a lot of great talent, in many cases way too soon. Unlike many recent "stars" their music and memory will live on for many years to come.

Posted By: HotLine1 Re: OT: RIP Tom Petty - 10/07/17 05:56 PM

Ditto on your comments.

News of his passing was overshadowed by the Vegas tragedy.

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