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Posted By: sparkyinak Kids these days..... - 02/12/17 09:41 PM
I just got booted from a so called electrician group on Facebook because apparently it's ok for so called electricians to not know or even bother to use their code books. lt also seems to be when opinions are asked and when you point out their errors, it's ok for them to lash out at the ones trying to help. There many good ones on there who's trying to learn the right way, don't get me wrong. Just some thought that cutting corners, bashing, and belitting people is acceptable behavior, to include some of the adminstrators. In the words of my mom, "Oh well".

The trade has sure sure changed since I started.....
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Kids these days..... - 02/12/17 10:56 PM
Don't take it too seriously. It is just facebook.
Posted By: sparkyinak Re: Kids these days..... - 02/13/17 03:52 AM
Oh I'm not. My live does not evolves around it unlike some. I more concern about the quality of "electrician" the industry is putting out.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Kids these days..... - 02/13/17 07:47 AM
I imagine it is more of an indication of the electricians who are updating their facebook page when they should be doing their job and learning their trade. Have heart, I think there are some good people coming up.
Or maybe I am just trying to be optimistic. I still would not measure that by the people on facebook, particularly if they are posting during a work day..
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Kids these days..... - 02/13/17 06:12 PM
My 'social media' exposure is limited to two email accounts, and here at ECN. On occasion, when I have a moment or two, I drop in to MH to see the activity.

As to the 'quality' of the entrants to our chosen trade, from my viewpoint, there are qualified people. Facebook, Twitter, etc., all have a purpose, hopefully not as a distraction.
Posted By: dougwells Re: Kids these days..... - 02/14/17 07:33 PM
When someone asks on a local facebook here for an electrician I have a few people I did work for through facebook give me good recommendations
Posted By: HotLine1 Re: Kids these days..... - 02/15/17 03:40 PM

Recommendations from satisfied clients are a great thing, no matter what method of communication.

The majority of my client base when I was in business was referrals from 'happy' people.

Posted By: luckyshadow Re: Kids these days..... - 02/16/17 04:25 PM
Sad to say But that is a sign of the times..

Ever wonder what our parents / grandparents said about us ?
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