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Hey guys, this is my first post so thanks in advance for your help.

I'm replacing a 100A service panel and it is on a 3ft wall that runs perpendicular to the exterior wall and this wall is lined up with the meter socket. The inspector said I will not need a disconnect if I am within 5 ft and that I should put the SE cable in pipe...

What type of "pipe" should be used for this 2/2/2/4 SE cable? Should I take my box down and make a hole in the side so I have a straight run? I am very close to that 5ft max the way I have it now running to the top of the box. I assume wire length inside the boxes are not counted toward that 5 feet?

Remind me of what size wire and ground rod I will need to add to this system please. The ground from panel to meter box is #4 aluminum

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The trade practice here is that the service feeder from the meter to the MOCP within a panel must be in a straight path; there is no NEC defined distance for unprotected conductors within a structure. Protection of SEU within "pipe" by the local AHJ is for physical protection of the cable. The diameter of the cable prevents maintaining the required depth from the face of the studs. "Pipe" could be EMT, IMC, or RGC to prevent physical damage.

I see from your profile that you are not an electrician, so you may want to find a local licensed electrician to do this job.
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One answer is easy. Run a short rigid nipple across that void with a slight down pitch so water can't intrude, punch a hole in the cabinet at the appropriate place and be sure you install a bonding bushing on the end. Then put some duct seal on the outboard end to exclude moisture bugs etc. We don't know how it terminates outside but he will need some kind of bushing there too.

Example of a bonding bushing
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2/4 ser would usually indicate a feeder made off a meter/main....~S~

Good catch. So it's SER, not SEU, perhaps a main outside. But, the OP says the inspector said no disconnect if he is within 5'.

OK, either way, physical protection is required, and I can't substantiate the "5'" even if it is SER.

Wonder what part of PA??
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