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Control panel location

Posted By: sparkyinak

Control panel location - 10/02/16 11:08 PM

General technical question. Any codes (outside of NEC) that prevents control panels being located above drop ceilings, up out of the way or the like? for example can a control panel with remote access can be "accessible" and not "readily accessible"?
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: Control panel location - 10/03/16 02:28 PM

I'm not aware of any codes specifying where the 'control panel' must be. I frequently see them installed in locked rooms half a county away from the equipment controlled.

This differs from 'disconnecting means' which must simply be 'accessible' and usually 'within sight.'

Please note that control panels typically do NOT qualify as the disconnecting means.
Posted By: LarryC

Re: Control panel location - 10/03/16 03:44 PM

There might be an issue _if_ the ceiling space is classified as an air plenum.
Posted By: Potseal

Re: Control panel location - 10/05/16 01:41 AM

As far as code rules go I think it would depend on the type of control panel. For example, a fire alarm control panel vs an automatic door opener control panel.
Posted By: sparkyinak

Re: Control panel location - 10/06/16 07:27 AM

Thanx. all too often, We run into areas that require 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound box. Some controllers come with a remote panel. As long the panel does not need servicing or adjustment, why not mounting it high and the interface low. Plus with Blue tooth technology, just thinking outside the box
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