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Seeking 1200F >400VAC MPPF power Capacitors

Posted By: xylstra

Seeking 1200F >400VAC MPPF power Capacitors - 08/24/16 03:19 AM

1200F, >400VAC Metallised PP Film Power Capacitor.
I have an experimental project I wish to complete and little money to finish so am looking for surplus/salvaged capacitors. It is unlikely (NEVER say "never"!) I'll find a discrete single device and more likely it'll turn out to be 2 x 600F, 3 x 400F or 4 x 300F. Please note that electrolytics are not suitable. Typically, these sorts of capacitors would be used in matrices to assemble power-factor correction racks so I'm hoping that there may be de-commissioned equipment lurking around a scrap-yard somewhere someone may know of or perhaps surplus left-overs from some long-finished commercial job.
Does anyone know where I might find these and can they provide contact details.
Many Thanks.
Posted By: ElectricArtisan

Re: Seeking 1200F >400VAC MPPF power Capacitors - 11/21/16 09:23 PM

Often LiveWire supply carries salvaged capacitors. If you can't find it on their website you can try calling them to see if they have it on hand. I've done that in the past when I was looking for a circuit breaker that was no longer manufactured.
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