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Finding live buried wires?

Posted By: Panterawill

Finding live buried wires? - 04/05/16 07:50 PM

Hey guys. Hope you can help me.
I have a home that definitely has a buried junction box in the drywall. The wires are live and are feeding a chandelier and pot lights. Some load, but not a huge amount.
Its an expensive home and I don't want to start poking holes in the drywall.
Thermal gun? I spoke to a person in the field and he said it wouldn't pick it up unless there was a massive load or bad connection creating a lot of heat.
Any suggestions for electronic tracing devices?
Thanks in advance
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Finding live buried wires? - 04/05/16 09:44 PM

You may want to check this out.....

I had some success with the old model back in the day. Note that I say 'some'.

Could you drop the trims in the recess fixtures??

Posted By: ghost307

Re: Finding live buried wires? - 04/06/16 06:30 PM

If it's a metal junction box that's buried a stud finder should have some reaction.
Generally it detects the increased density of the wood but there's a chance that it would also give some lesser indication when it encounters a metal box between studs.
Once you narrow it down you can drill a small hole and look inside the wall with a borescope to try to get the exact location.
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Finding live buried wires? - 04/09/16 02:52 AM

I had a job that was very similar to this some years back.
Not wanting to buy a proper metal detector, I made up a small oscillator that had a coil of wire on a plastic former attached to it, after some initial workshop testing, I took out to the job, long story short, it took a matter of seconds to find the offending joint.
It's pretty poor form joining stuff in a wall though, all the same.
Posted By: Texas_Ranger

Re: Finding live buried wires? - 04/10/16 12:48 PM

I love my tone tracer! It even works with wires inside Bergmann conduit (Orangeburg pipe with a thin outer coating of sheet metal, not earthed) in plastered brick walls. I only have a rather inexpensive one, 85 Euros. Allowed me to spot a buried splice +/- 1 cm! Some moron moved a door (and light switch) by just splicing new wires to the old cloth-covered ones and plastering over the old switch box. I found the splice, patched in a new section of flex conduit instead of the box, pulled new wires through the now complete conduit run and that was it.
Posted By: lesk

Re: Finding live buried wires? - 05/01/16 01:02 AM

Yes the Amp detector worked well for me
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: Finding live buried wires? - 05/01/16 10:29 PM

Welcome to ECN from another Jersey guy....
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