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lle test

Posted By: mkoontz88

lle test - 12/18/15 07:14 PM

ok next month im looking at taking my LLE test. im in Tennessee and contacted mt exam center for info on books and they sent me a list of 6 books do i need all of them for the test? its open book 40 questions? any help or advise will be greatly appreciated!
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: lle test - 12/18/15 07:29 PM

The cynic in me says: If you know your stuff, you won't NEED any of the books laugh

That's just a list of the books they allow in the exam room. Look closer, and the books greatly duplicate each other.
Posted By: mkoontz88

Re: lle test - 12/18/15 08:16 PM

I just don't want to miss anything I know I know how to do the work but you never stop learning something new.
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: lle test - 12/19/15 12:03 AM

They are telling you that all of the answers on the test are in those 6 books.You should at least be familiar with them all.
I think the reason the do "open book" is because these things change so often that you need to be able to find the latest rules in the book.
I would tend to agree with Reno though. If you really know your stuff, you should be able to get a passing grade with a book or two that have the tables that you may not need to memorize 100%.
We use 310.16 all the time but I know you might get me with some value I don't use that often and that is the kind of thing test writers like to throw at you.
They want you to be able to look things up and interpret all of the factors you need to include.
An example is the 1hp 120v motor. What is the minimum size copper wire and the max breaker? You need at least 3 tables to get that answer.
Posted By: mkoontz88

Re: lle test - 12/19/15 02:52 AM

OK I don't have a problem buying the books just didn't know if it would be necessary to have all them. I have been out of this line of work for about 8 years now. My dad had a Electric business and has passed and now I think I'm ready to get back in the business. I just have a lot to learn about everything. I already have one of his contractors that after I get my license and insurance he said he'd give me some home to wire! Getting my ducks in a row!!!
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: lle test - 12/19/15 05:17 AM

The main reason is the tests are usually written for a certain code cycle and they usually have a number of questions that reflect the changes. The people influencing the test sell the books. (NFPA et al)
When I did my first round of inspector tests, I was studying the 93, then I found out IAEI was still testing on the 90. I had to go, "unlearn" some things.
I still ended passing the 2A, 2B and 2C without a lot of trouble.
Posted By: mkoontz88

Re: lle test - 12/19/15 06:00 AM

I don't think we have to take test for the inspectors here in tn I think I just have to pass the one test and I have the LLE license
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: lle test - 12/19/15 07:56 AM

Florida got tough on all sorts of licenses after Hurricane Andrew. Inspectors are licensed just like the contractors, certification, CEUs and such.
We also have a unified building code with no local amendments.
It does make it a little easier on the contractors who span several AHJs. They may have different procedures and you may see some strange interpretations but the code will be the same.
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: lle test - 12/19/15 05:12 PM

You can count on the test having a few questions not covered by the NEC.

Favorites include the height of fire alarm strobes, clearances from power lines, a voltage drop calculation, and something about exit sign or smoke detector placement. If the license will allow you to conduct business, expect a question about liens and a question about quitting an incomplete job.
Posted By: ghost307

Re: lle test - 12/20/15 12:22 AM

They let us take 6 books into the exam for the PE license too.

You should know the information well enough to either not need the books...or know exactly where the information is in them.

I was told that if I ever found myself looking at the table of contents or the index; I should just admit to myself that I was wasting my time and should have been more familiar with the material.
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: lle test - 12/20/15 05:25 AM

I agree you should know where to look but I am not sure I am memorizing all the tables with the foot notes and adjustment factors. I am happy to remember what table I use.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: lle test - 12/20/15 06:15 PM

Having the 'key' items you may need, and knowing where to be looking is the way to go.

Last I heard here, you are not allowed to have any 'margin notes', 'highlited text' or handwritten notes within the text books that are allowed for testing.

Posted By: mkoontz88

Re: lle test - 12/20/15 06:44 PM

Here is is the deal I been out of the game for 8 years now I'm starting my own business and I'm sure stuff has changed just want to pass it.. Also do I need current revisions of the books or the ones they suggest nfpa 70 national Electric code 2008 example
Posted By: mkoontz88

Re: lle test - 12/20/15 07:02 PM

So should I get the books that they list
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: lle test - 12/21/15 06:11 AM

I would certainly think long and hard about the books they list. As I said, the guys who contribute to the test usually sell the books.

I was questioned about tabbing my 1990 NEC for my IAEI tests before I pointed out NFPA sells a tab kit.
(I do think my tabs were better tho)
Posted By: ghost307

Re: lle test - 12/21/15 05:15 PM

John brings up a good point.

The rules against notes in the book came about because the book should only be for information and reference.

The rule that I was given was that the book had to be bound; published; and could not be targeted towards the test (such as a book entitled '100 sample questions and solutions for the **** exam).
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: lle test - 12/21/15 06:13 PM

To answer your question directly:

Do NOT bother with the books. Certainly don't try hauling 50# of books into the test. Instead ....

Go take Mike Holt's test. Make lots of notes as you take it- especially on things that surprise you. Study those items. Pass his test, you'll be ready.

Indeed, I'd be amazed if there are any questions on your test that are not on Holt's test.

His test is free. If you simply must spend money, get his exam study guide.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: lle test - 12/21/15 10:49 PM

Ghost hit it on the head....copyrighted materials only.

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