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Posted By: sparky Landscape Lighting - 06/05/01 01:33 AM
well the snow is (almost) gone, and the landscape lights have reappeared after a long winter under the snow.

My Q to this BB, does anyone know of a good hearty variety of low-v landscape lighting ???
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Landscape Lighting - 06/05/01 06:19 AM

I just put in a Malibu set. They were Aluminum with short leads and 2 piece connectors that puncture the insulation. 20 watts each I think. I don't know how they are long term, but I had no problems with them.

Posted By: electure Re: Landscape Lighting - 06/05/01 12:14 PM
Vista Lighting ( makes an excellent product that's competetively priced, rugged, and there's a good selection. They come as components rather than kits so you can get what you want. (suppose I'll get a free T-shirt from the rep now?)
Posted By: Redsy Re: Landscape Lighting - 06/05/01 02:01 PM
I know i've asked before, and I apologize, but...
How many consider table 300-5, column 5 to require residential low voltage landscape lighting cables to be buried 6"? How many just cover it with mulch per manufacturers instructions?
(sorry to jump into your question, sparky)

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Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Landscape Lighting - 06/05/01 04:37 PM

What do the instructions say?
I don't think it's one of those things that gets enforced a lot. I don't usually get involved in them at all past putting in an outlet for the transformer.

Posted By: sparky Re: Landscape Lighting - 06/06/01 09:54 AM
thanks! that is a well defined link, much selection and related info...
actually that would be the next pertinent Q, on this particular job, the landscping, plants etc are big $$$, the GC would like things durable and low maint. So i have bid it all out in 3/4" pvc with FS boxes at each light location.

extending the code loop to 300-5(d) last sentence has this wiring method in question
??? [Linked Image]???
Posted By: Redsy Re: Landscape Lighting - 06/06/01 10:59 AM
Just a thought---
If durability is a concern, I just installed 120 V. Red Dot Site Lites. They use med. base bulbs (A15, R20,etc) and seem very well made. The downside is the 12" burial depth.
However, voltage drop was a big concern in my case. (I used 500' of 12-2 UF) Low voltage lighting at those lengths would have been too complicated to try to have uniform brightness. Also, I needed more than 1000 watts total, so I would of needed 2 transformers. Remember that for a given wattage, low voltage draws 10 x the current and therefore a proportionally higher voltage drop. When starting with 12 volts, that doesn't leave a lot of room. If you go 120, remember rocks & roots!!

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Posted By: sparky Re: Landscape Lighting - 07/30/01 10:49 PM

not too bad. good tech support too. Redsy, check out the multi-tap x-former, might do the trick!

[Linked Image]

i vote U get a shirt!

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