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CSST gas pipe

Posted By: harold endean

CSST gas pipe - 04/08/11 05:25 PM

This is mostly for the Jersey Boys,

Check out the latest Code Communicator. Go to page 11 and see how the DCA wants the CSST gas pipe bonded. What do you think?
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: CSST gas pipe - 04/08/11 07:18 PM

I sent an email to SB to inquire who is responsible to do it, and who is responsible to check compliance.

I held off posting anything here, as she did not respond yet! LOL

Posted By: harold endean

Re: CSST gas pipe - 04/09/11 04:24 PM


She told me on Fri. that this falls under the plumbing sub code. I asked her if it was wise to let plumbers inside of the service panel. She said no. I also asked her if she thought that plumbers would know which ground clamps would be approved for outside use and what size the ground wires should be and she again said no. Then I asked her why NJ would accept this type of pipe if they thought it wasn't safe and she didn't have an answer for that either.
Posted By: harold endean

Re: CSST gas pipe - 04/09/11 04:26 PM


I think I forgot to place the link to the NJ Code Communicator. It is here if I forgot the first time.

I don't know how to link it to this page.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: CSST gas pipe - 04/10/11 12:57 AM

OK, plumbing subcode is responsible for compliance, but...who is responsible for 'doing' it?? I believe (I will confirm Monday AM) that a Licensed Plumber is required to install gas piping.


Correct the above to be "I believe a Licensed Master Plumber is NOT required for gas pipe installations"

IMHO, the CSST bond should have been left 'as it was'.
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: CSST gas pipe - 04/10/11 03:11 PM

That is quite a nice newsletter!

As for bonding CSST .... we've discussed this here several times, and there's been much hand-wringing over the lack of approved clamp for attachment to either the CSST itself, or the fittings at the end of the CSST. As the newsletter illustrates, this concern is based on a misunderstanding of what is meant when the instructions ask you 'bond' the CSST.

No, you're NOT trying to attach a wire directly to the CSST at both ends, and you're NOT being asked to run a wire along the side of the tubing.

Instead, you're being asked to simply connect a wire to the gas supply pipe. Make a 'gas bond' n a manner similar to the 'water bond' we've been doing for a century.

The one difference is that you're allowed to land the wire on the external bonding strip that we're now expected to have at each service.
Posted By: harold endean

Re: CSST gas pipe - 04/11/11 01:10 PM


I can see the plumbers running a bond wire from their gas pipe to our "Intersystem Grounding Strip" (IGS) (I think that is the proper term.) However will plumber know to use ground clamps outside that are UL listed for outdoors? Or will they use any old ground clamp? Also here in NJ the IGS is very new and usually seen on new services.
Posted By: harold endean

Re: CSST gas pipe - 04/11/11 01:13 PM


We must remember that here in NJ we don't require a plumber to be licensed to do gas piping. As you stated, and how often to we see Lic. Plumbers making comment of guys who do gas piping incorrectly? I also will second your opinion of just leaving it alone. If the stuff is that bad, they should never allow it to be used in the state.
Posted By: harold endean

Re: CSST gas pipe - 04/11/11 01:18 PM


Sorry I called you Cat before. Also that Code Communicator is a publication that our state puts out for any Licensed official in our state. By licensed I mean not only do you have a contractor's license but you also can do plan review and become an AHJ. This goes for plumbing, building and fire. You use to receive it in the mail, but now you have to go online to see it. Anyone can view it and the Dept. of Community Affairs will give us their opinion of the way things get installed and inspected.
Posted By: renosteinke

Re: CSST gas pipe - 04/11/11 04:55 PM

Cat? I'm honored ... but the lady in the picture says I'm not worthy laugh

FWIW, that "IGS" is probably a decent idea. Now, why it's not included with every panel I'll never understand. I mean ... I'm not allowed to use a Square D ground buss in a GE panel - but I need to get my IGS from Arlington? The logic escapes me.
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