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Posted By: mikeD 50 amp plug - 02/02/10 01:52 PM
Does any body know where i can buy a 50 amp flanged plug in a 3r encloser. 4 wire.i looked around here i cant find one. thanks
Posted By: KJay Re: 50 amp plug - 02/02/10 03:04 PM
It sounds like maybe you are looking for a 50A, 4-wire generator power inlet?
If so, you can buy them from GenTran direct through their website.
Here is a link: GenTran
Posted By: mikeD Re: 50 amp plug - 02/02/10 04:47 PM
Thats what im looking for thanks.The install i was going to do is a 50 recp outside. and i found this other web site that sells this bracket that fits on the panel cover so the main breaker and the generator breaker cant be on at the same time so no backfeeding is going on and you have a rubber cord with a male and female cord caps on each end. man 6-4 rubber cord is high dollar
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