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Posted By: AZSam

From the Past - 11/11/09 12:15 PM

Going through some old boxes in the basement and found some interesting items.
A metal tin with a roll of Scotch tape. Scotch was in metal cans back then. A business card from Tafel Electric Supply was attached. I recall dealing with them in 1955.
An old log book from my early flying days. Still had phone numbers in back. Use to keep GF's numbers there cause wife left log book alone (1st Wife).
Speeding ticket from 1957 (82 in 30 zone).
Photo ID issued as my first Master's License. Boy, was I young!
Letter notifying me that I had passed exam for Professional Engineer registration.
Posted By: noderaser

Re: From the Past - 11/12/09 05:24 AM

Those finds are quite telling about your personality... At least, 50 years ago.
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