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First TIME EVER!!!!

Posted By: leland

First TIME EVER!!!! - 01/22/09 05:01 AM

A Gentleman called and described his issue.
I Politely and Professionally answered his questions.
I then offered advice on how to remedy the situation.
All was good.
Two Days later, the same Gentleman called. My suggestion was just the right solution.

Then He asked:>

"What do I owe you for your consultation". (This is the 1st time ever)
I was "dumbfounded" and taken a back!

"Nothing of course, I was on a 2 hour ride home, and enjoyed your conversation". was my answer.

WOW!! Good Normal people still exist!!!!!! (He was over 40 yrs, Perhaps that's why.)

MORAL: Just returning the favor! smile
Posted By: jdevlin

Re: First TIME EVER!!!! - 01/22/09 04:03 PM

That guy will probably call back when he really needs you.
Posted By: AZSam

Re: First TIME EVER!!!! - 01/22/09 06:50 PM

Several years ago, the GC who built my home was doing another custom. He called me and said he had a problem with his EC. No drywall yet an asked if I would look at the system for him. It was a disaster. Kitchen outlets wired to LR outlets, nearly all of 2nd floor on one circuit, etc. You get the picture. As he knew I wired my home, he asked me to do him a favor and correct the problems. I did, took about a week. Later, he called me and wanted to know how much he owed me. I told him that he asked for a favor and I donít charge for favors. We have been close friends now for 14 years.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: First TIME EVER!!!! - 01/23/09 01:22 AM

Two professionals and gentlemen.
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