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Solar/ electric

Posted By: derater

Solar/ electric - 07/07/08 10:56 PM

Can someone direct me to the best source of info on solar electric systems ? I was contacted by a distributor looking for installers. Thanks, Dan.
Posted By: sparkyinak

Re: Solar/ electric - 07/10/08 02:43 AM

Are you looking for parts? technical info? can you be a little more specific?
Posted By: derater

Re: Solar/ electric - 07/12/08 12:26 PM

Thanks, yeah, I'm looking for how -to info on wiring these systems. I'm a resi guy, recruited by a start-up solar co. to install their equipment. I've found some on-line courses, but feedback from someone who's done these would be helpful.
Posted By: walrus

Re: Solar/ electric - 07/12/08 01:40 PM

I belive you have to be certfied by these folks to qualify for rebates??

I was all signed up for the course when my wife broke her leg and that was that:)
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