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Posted By: oc-nj 08757 No License needed??? - 03/11/08 09:37 PM
I believe that you do not need an electrical license to do installations under 50 volts for things such as landscape lighting.

Is 50volts correct, and if so, where does it state this?

I've looked in both the "05" NEC and the NJ Electricians Reference Manual and can't find it. I thought that I saw it somewhere and I can't remember where.

Any help would be appriciated.

Posted By: mahlere Re: No License needed??? - 03/12/08 02:03 AM
10v in nj i believe
Posted By: gfretwell Re: No License needed??? - 03/12/08 04:56 AM
They have low voltage contractor licenses in Florida too but that is a somewhat ignored law. This is particularly true in things like landscape lights and irrigation where the "yard man" typically does it. I don't know of a voltage limit and it really applies to voice and data too. I always wondered why nobody went after the trunk slammers who contract for Comcast and Embarq.

Maybe some places are tougher than others.
Posted By: Gregtaylor Re: No License needed??? - 03/12/08 11:53 PM
There is no licensure requirement at all in the NEC. The licensing of trades is a state issue and they are all different.
The 50 volt threshold is an NFPA limit for where and when PPE's must be considered.
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