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Posted By: RODALCO Ice Storm in Mid West USA - 12/11/07 06:38 PM
Hi, Just heard the bad morning news on the radio that parts of the USA have been hit with terrible ice storms, which caused a lot of damage.

Oklahoma and large parts off the mid west have been affected with about 500,000 people without power.

I hope you mid west guys are all right there.

Let us know what is going on.

Good luck, Raymond
Posted By: Tiger Re: Ice Storm in Mid West USA - 12/11/07 08:14 PM
In N Illinois we missed by a couple degrees. The rain is not freezing so far, but may later in the day.

Posted By: 32VAC Re: Ice Storm in Mid West USA - 12/11/07 11:42 PM
Saw pictures of the storm on CNN & Fox News this morning, looks to be pretty severe.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Ice Storm in Mid West USA - 12/11/07 11:48 PM
This looks almost as bad as a hurricane. It certainly is doing as much damage to the infrastructure.
Posted By: frenchelectrican Re: Ice Storm in Mid West USA - 12/12/07 12:28 AM
The area where the ice storm hit.

It got hit before few time with bad storm like that.

the latest news report that the power outage will be expect be out for anywhere 7- 10 days depending on which area it got hit.

i know few states did hit pretty hard

btw my area is not hit by this storm but southen wisconsin did got some type of storm but i dont know if it was snow or ice or combation of the two. [ will find out later ]

Merci, Marc
Posted By: dereckbc Re: Ice Storm in Mid West USA - 12/12/07 01:26 AM
I have been working in OKC for the last two days with the wireless company I work for coordinating generator rotations to the Cell sites. Right now The company has about 50 cell sites without power and 15 generators to roate to charge batteries up and move on to the next site.

Fortunately the other 40 or so sites out have stationary gen sets but keeping them fueled up is a 24 x 7 adventure.
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