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Posted By: Trick440 #12 THHN in 3/4" conduit. - 11/13/07 10:02 PM
How are most guys doing this? What I'm hearing is only pull 3 #12 curcuits in 3/4" conduit. Is this what most guys are doing?

Please correct my math. If I pulled more, say 9 current carrying #12 conductors. Than it would be 2400w, derated to 1680w. So I could load the circuit up to 1680w.. (taking into consideration continuous loads)

I would like to know what most guys are doing. My background is residential, commercial is a different animal I'm still trying to grasp.

Posted By: Trick440 Re: #12 THHN in 3/4" conduit. - 11/13/07 11:05 PM
I did a search and figured it out.

9 current carrying conductors, neutrals count as current carrying.. Would keep #12 rated for 20amps. So 4 circuits in a 3/4"
Posted By: gfretwell Re: #12 THHN in 3/4" conduit. - 11/14/07 01:02 AM
You could put 4 multiwire single phase circuits in a conduit. That looks like 8 circuits at 120v.
If you didn't have any harmonic loads it could be 3 3p wye multiwires for 9 120v circuits.
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