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Posted By: WESTUPLACE Grass fire - 10/19/07 03:23 AM
When going to a music festival, do not park on the hi grass!
Posted By: EV607797 Re: Grass fire - 10/19/07 08:25 PM
Now that's a shame! I am sure it was something as simple as a butt thrown on the ground, but those catalytic converters do get mighty hot. Thanks for the link!
Posted By: WESTUPLACE Re: Grass fire - 10/20/07 12:42 AM
Use the arrow buttons on the right to scroll thru the pictures
Posted By: ChicoC10 Re: Grass fire - 10/20/07 02:41 PM
Looks like it started under the low riding blue car.
You would think the organizers would either wet or cut the grass before turning it into a parking lot.
Posted By: gfretwell Re: Grass fire - 10/20/07 05:00 PM
Hey Ese' when you park your low rider in the grass pump up the hydraulics UP.
Posted By: e57 Re: Grass fire - 10/20/07 11:34 PM
I would think the hot exhaust in tall dry grass - easy culprit.
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