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PV (solar) schools?

Posted By: Samurai

PV (solar) schools? - 08/04/07 06:54 PM

can anyone recommend an online solar power school; I want to get solar certified, but I can't leave town for a while (I'm a one man operation for now) for the hands on portions of courses. (I'm surprised there aren't any 'virtuaL' hands on courses).
even a manufacturer's course would probably suit me. I'm guessing this truly is a coming thing with the tax and rebate incentives, along with steadily rising utility rates.
I've run searches and they all seem to require travel.
I'd like to hear from anyone who's been there or knows how to get there.
Posted By: GA76JW

Re: PV (solar) schools? - 08/04/07 11:55 PM

Just by doing a quick search I came up with this:

The online classes are at the bottom of the page. It is kinda pricey though. Not sure how accredited they are either. Maybe someone else can help with this.
Posted By: Samurai

Re: PV (solar) schools? - 08/06/07 05:28 AM

Thanks, there's going to be a huge solar training thing in San Fransisco in (november?)
I cant recall the string of initials organization sponsoring it though - Junior something training something organization - place or something

incedentally- if they are for-real I can apply for a grant
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