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My wife's golf course bathroom project seems to be back to reality. They wanted some ideas of what they could put out for bid to the electrician.
I think the easiest way to do this is a small 3R meter/main panel with room for a couple branch circuit breakers. Then they can run the circuits for he fan/lights and ice machine straight from there.
Sound reasonable?
This is still going to be an expensive part but it will be a whole lot less than a 700' feeder and drilling under 2 roads.
I really disagree with the "expensive" part.

Out here, we use "all in one" load centers .... meter base, main breaker, and breakers all in the same 3R enclosure. The one I mounted on my house, Square D Homeline with 10 spaces, cost me about $80 (I think). With this arrangement, there is no need for another panel.
That's good news, thanks
I just look at these things, I never had to buy, spec or bid them wink
The other consideration in your first idea is that meter /main units only accept 2 pole breakers as they are intended to be mains for downstream panels. Using them as single pole spaces is a violation.
Having said that, I'm sure I haven't seen every unit on the market. There may be exceptions.
I was getting the impression some were like a split bus panel with a branch circuit section behind a service disconnect.
I believe that is what Reno is talking about. I understand it would be hard to find single pole breakers suitable as service. disconnects (sufficient interrupting capability).
No, Greg ... you're making it more complicated than it is!

The "All in one" typically has a meter base whose lower lugs extend (just barely) into the 'panel' side of the cabinet. Here they immediately enter (back feed) the 'main' breaker .... which powers the busses through the usual breaker contacts.

Here's a pic of the Sq D model I mentioned earlier. OK, it actually has wires, not lugs feeding the main breaker ... but you should get the idea.

In use, the top half has a sealed cover, while the lower half is acessable as any panel would be accessible.

[Linked Image]
Thanks again sir
You are right, I was looking at a lot more complicated things in the catalog.
Just a note.

This style (pictured) all in one panel no longer meets POCO specs in AZ because as of 6 or so years ago. Although divided, the meter section is not entirely seperated from the customer have to pull the meter or meter deadfront to access the pull sections on top.
That is one flaw to this particular model. I posted it simply as an example, and one of the smallest "All in ones" I've seen.

Larger "All in one" panels will typically have the meter section on the left, while the right half houses all the breakers, and all of the breaker compartment is accessible.
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