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Posted By: sparky66wv Loom Clamp Markings - 05/09/01 11:37 PM
I've noticed on Loom Clamps in boxes that there is a letter "N" and a letter "T" stamped on the toungue of the clamp.

Anyone know what "N" and "T" mean?

Steel City and Raco brands have them...

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Loom Clamp Markings - 05/10/01 12:00 AM
I've seen the N-T on what I believed to be really old boxes too.
Posted By: sparky66wv Re: Loom Clamp Markings - 05/10/01 03:32 PM
Wow! I've actually stumped you guys!

My friend, (former co-worker, fellow electrical contractor) Joe M. asked me this a few years ago... Not even an iota of a clue anyone?
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