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Single Diesel pump

Posted By: SJT

Single Diesel pump - 05/29/07 07:16 PM

Hello and hope everyone is doing good. I am working on an estimate, where the customer wants to install a single Diesel pump, along with an above ground 1000 gallon tank. They will have a slab poured for this, and a 1/0 bare copper put into the slab, with a tail to bond the tank, and an eight foot ground rod, attached to the ring. This will create the grounding electrode for the slab. I do not bond the pump to that, do I? I was not sure, since this will all be set up for a hazardous location. Class 1 Div 2. Thanks for any input.
Posted By: walrus

Re: Single Diesel pump - 06/01/07 10:46 AM

Is the supplemental bonding some PEI or API code??
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