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Posted By: e57 Sawzall blade review... - 04/30/07 07:12 AM
Cant find a link anywhwere to something that I was very impressed with today. It doesn't seem to be on the internet, or in their catologs... Yet!!!??? "Diamond Grit Sawzall blade"....

This afternoon I was doing some work on my ubber-BBQ. It's work in progress. Anyway, the blocks I layed a few months ago - before the change of plans - needed to be either removed or cut back flush. I figured it was going to be a bear of a job utilizing a 14" pavement saw to go through 6 solid 6"X8" concrete blocks, and even harder to make it look nice, attacking from both sides. Then what to do with the triangles made from both circles on both sides? This morning I got a wild hair and decided to try some carbide grit recipicating saw blades on it. As I would be able to control them better, and be able to get a liniar cut, as opposed to a cicular cut as I would with the pavement saw. So when I went down to my local hardwhere store to get what I figured would be a dozen or so carbide grit blades for the job, I spotted a "Diamond Grit" 8" Blade by Lenox. I figured it might last a bit longer than its equally ($17) priced 2-pack of carbides of the same brand. So instead of getting 6 packs, I got one diamond blade- just to try it, and 5 carbides.

Well, I get to take the carbides back!

I am not going to say it went through it like a hot knife in warm butter... It was more like a wet cold dull knife on ICE, but it survived an 8-9" deep 48" long cut through hard concrete and aggregate. Granted, it took two hours+ and had the hose on it the whole time, but it was easily controled, cut straight and square. No triangles, or $70+ ($40 for the blade too) tool rental.... Or calling my buddy to man the hose and the cell phone for the ambulance if the clutch on the pavement saw stuck - which I have seen once, and hope never to see again. (Sounded like a rocket hitting a church bell - then bounced off the pavement 15' away, after being ripped from the operators hands. Scared the death out of me since.) Or trying to awkwardly cut a wall with a gargantuan tool meant to cut down against the ground.

Anyway, I was impressed with the results, it was $17 well spent, and I'll give it two thumbs up! Although after cutting around ~400sq" of concrete it did show some considerable where at the tip (as it could not get full pentration through the material) I probhably can get more use out of it still....

I figure you all could find some use out of something like this too.
Posted By: BigB Re: Sawzall blade review... - 05/01/07 03:12 AM
Sounds like it might be good for cast iron drain pipes.............and plaster.
Posted By: e57 Re: Sawzall blade review... - 05/01/07 06:12 AM
Apparently made for cast iron, but think it would work great on anything a diamond blade grinder would be used for.

Think I might jus do a test cut on a plaster and metal lath wall tomorrow - just to see.
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