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Posted By: WESTUPLACE Drill Bits - 04/02/07 05:17 AM
Any one have experence with drill bits from They were shown at a woodworkers show. The salesman drilled thru concrete, steel, harden steel(a file) tile,wood and plastic all with the same bit over and over without the bit dulling or breaking. Bits have a lifetime waranty not to break or they will replace it. Looks great for the areas like the metal door jam in concrete walls. If I drill with a steel bit the second I go thru the steel and hit the concrete, my bit is toast. Just interested if anyone has tried them.
Posted By: GTE Re: Drill Bits - 04/10/07 08:56 PM
I bought a set of those bits at a trade show. I was very impressed with the demostration. I haven't had a chance to use them yet.
Posted By: KBSHORTS Re: Drill Bits - 04/11/07 10:47 AM
We tried a couple sets and found them disappointing. They did not hold up and while they were covered under warranty, it was troublesome returning them. We tried wood boring and high speed, both with similar results.
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