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SE Cable Length

Posted By: Ron Hoback

SE Cable Length - 10/01/02 11:41 PM

I was just wondering what the permissable length of SEC into a residence before it reaches the service dissconnect that is allowed in your areas. Our area is six foot.

Posted By: sparky

Re: SE Cable Length - 10/01/02 11:59 PM

10' here in Vt.
Posted By: motor-T

Re: SE Cable Length - 10/02/02 12:29 AM

In Ohi-yo its land it as soon as practicable.
Posted By: HotLine1

Re: SE Cable Length - 10/02/02 01:05 AM

Here in our area of NJ it goes like this:
Land it ASAP; keep it as "short" as possible; not to exceed xx feet; "at the discression of the AHJ", and a few other ones.

"A reasonable distance"???

Boy, I'm glad we don't do houses.

Posted By: arseegee

Re: SE Cable Length - 10/02/02 01:36 AM

Gotta be back to back here. No exception!
Posted By: sparky66wv

Re: SE Cable Length - 10/02/02 02:54 AM

Here, in Allegheny Power Country, we have to provide a disconnect anytime the meterbase and Load Center are not "back to back"...

However... "back to back" has become loosely translated to mean back to back, or side by side, or in the same stud bay, or in the same general area...

I've seen as much as 10' vertical distance from the Meterbase and Load Center and was considered OK...

Seems to be a gray area...
Posted By: Sean WB

Re: SE Cable Length - 10/02/02 03:21 AM

Back to Back if possible, AHJ decides if it was possible. so I just put the darn disconnect outside [Linked Image]
I am going to do a 200A service upgrade tomorrow.... you guys have to see the current service. I'll take a pic for you
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