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Posted By: sparky Disability Insurance? - 05/02/01 10:48 AM
being a small time contractor, i really can't pitch for disability insurance. So i practice safety much more in light of this, which is really kind of backwards, but i get by.
So i am wondering if i'm the only fool in the world that thinks this way...

anyone wanna fess up...

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Posted By: sparky66wv Re: Disability Insurance? - 05/02/01 01:19 PM
I do good just to get fuel in my truck...

Luxuries such as insurance, 401K plans, etc. are very low on the priority list.

Some days, food is a luxury reserved for the rich... (I survive chiefly on 50 cent gas station chilidogs...)

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Posted By: Redsy Re: Disability Insurance? - 05/02/01 06:57 PM
I am assuming you mean insurance in addition to workers comp. From what I understand, unless you are a sole proprietor, with no employees, you are required to pay for comp. for each employee. Liability insurance is also something that you can't operate without.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Disability Insurance? - 05/02/01 07:59 PM
I have life insurance and lots of it - enough to pay off everything I owe and put all my children through college.

I have a good disability policy, but it doesn't kick in until after 6 months. That six month wait keeps the premium "low" - about $1000 per year. But it includes occupational rehabilitation and pays until I can perform the same work that I was doing before the injury.

U.S.A. workers should be receiving a statement from the Social Security Adminsitration about a month before their birthday each year which mentions how much they would pay if you became disabled.
It's not a lot.
Posted By: sparky Re: Disability Insurance? - 05/02/01 08:22 PM
yes i mean in addition to the liability ins. I am a type S corp, which means small, i'm so small they don't even see me standing at the parts counter. The weird thing is, the state requires i pay comp., but i can't take advantage of it...wierd huh!

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Posted By: sparky66wv Re: Disability Insurance? - 05/03/01 02:45 AM
I think (I've heard) that only WV and NY require Comp. Others can opt for other insurance instead...

I may be wrong here though.

Hey, I'm small too, but my supplier (Blue Grass Electric) refers jobs to ME!

The cashier referred me to a rewire today...
Leaving business cards there has paid off!

And some thought it was a dumb idea...
("The only people that shop there are electricians!...")

They've got a sign that explains to "consult your local electrician..." so they must have a problem there somewhere...

My wife insists I get my life insurance policy active before I can fly full-scale anymore...

Statistics say I'll wreck on my way to the airport....
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