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Virus Alert!!!!

Posted By: sparky66wv

Virus Alert!!!! - 09/06/02 10:34 PM

Go here for the thread in the "Computers and the Net" Area:

(Posted here for visibility)
Posted By: George Corron

Re: Virus Alert!!!! - 09/06/02 11:48 PM

Sparky, Sparky, Sparky,
NEVER open an .exe file, I don't care WHO it's from.
Posted By: sparky66wv

Re: Virus Alert!!!! - 09/07/02 12:14 AM

No worries here George, Norton Antivirus had quarentined it before I even knew it was there.

But I've received two copies of it!

Apparently, there's also a new virus that actually masquerades as a .jpg! No extension is safe!
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