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Posted By: JBN1611

Job Hunting - 08/16/02 04:39 PM

Ok. I put in an application with a company the other day. From what I can tell it looks like it would be a good company to work for. They told me that they'd keep my application and if someone quit or was fired, or if they just got more work that the owner would look through the applications and call the applicants. That sounds fine, but there's only one problem. LoL, I need a job now. None of the other companies in the area look worth going for. I'd like the opinions of the Electrical Contractors on this forum. What would be the best approach to going and talking to them, after they've already told me how they go about hiring people. Should I just keep quiet and let them do their own thing? A friend told me I should go talk to them again, that they might see that I'm interested and consider hiring. I don't wantt to bug them and get them mad at me. Anyways, any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted By: jlhmaint

Re: Job Hunting - 08/17/02 02:20 AM

were are you from? what area are you looking in? ive always felt that you need to be persistent. but that usually comes after the first interview if they are not hiring at all then you may become an interuption you have to use your best judgment and if you really want something go after it.
Posted By: JBN1611

Re: Job Hunting - 08/17/02 02:32 AM

This place is in Crossville, TN. Mid Tennessee area.
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