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master electrician?

Posted By: VOLTS

master electrician? - 06/14/02 12:48 AM

Does anyone offer a master electrician test other than the IBEW?
Posted By: sparky

Re: master electrician? - 06/14/02 12:51 AM

the test is 'proctored' by various private biz, i think it's the NAI ( National Assessment Institute) in some of New England.
Posted By: master66

Re: master electrician? - 06/14/02 12:55 AM

I don't know where your from but many states issue licenses. I got mine from WV. The state of PA does not offer a license other than through the IBEW.

Check with your State Fire Marshal's Office or check on the web.
Posted By: sparky

Re: master electrician? - 06/14/02 12:59 AM

Volts, try Here
Posted By: CRW

Re: master electrician? - 06/14/02 04:52 AM

Our IBEW LU doesn't give "master electrician" exams (Allentown, PA). But the various cities and townships do. I took the one offered by my city, which happened to be the Experior exam in that link Sparky posted. Here is a link to some state requirements.

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