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exit signs

Posted By: menegt

exit signs - 05/30/02 12:15 AM

When, if so, are exit signs expected to be illuminated. Also, minimum the height of flourescent strip fixtures hanging on jack chain. I was told it was 8' from above floor , but i don't remember an "actual" height in the code book. Sorry guys been working industrial for awhile and got pulled into (with a smile on my face!)doing some volunteer work for a youth center. Any help appreciated.
Posted By: George Corron

Re: exit signs - 05/30/02 10:14 AM

International Building Code 1003.2.10.5 Exit signs shall be illuminated at all times. The paragraph above, and the rest of the referenced article, go on tosay it can be from an external source, as long as the external source stays immuminated for a minimum of 90 minutes in the event of a power failure. Do you need exits is another question, but you seem to have answered that one yourself.
Posted By: Bill Addiss

Re: exit signs - 05/30/02 12:56 PM


These things are specified by your State or Local Building Codes. (whatever that may be?)

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