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Posted By: Don W Old farm overhead still legal? - 05/22/02 12:08 PM
I was called out to a job that had 2 single conductors (#12 or #10) ran from the farm house to a small out building. The run was about 90 ft from the house to a utility pole then to the building on insulators. A tree branch came down and broke the hot wire. My question is it still legal to run a circuit this way. The circuit is a 20 amp and only operates a single liht and outlet inside the building. The only code reference I could find was NEC 225.6(a) The house is located in a small town in northeast Ohio. Thanks for the help.
Posted By: golf junkie Re: Old farm overhead still legal? - 05/23/02 12:51 AM
Hi Don,

Welcome to the board.

I run into this type of wiring all the time here in rural Nebraska.

If the wire is damaged or bare I would replace the entire length with triplex O.H. That is standard procedure for us.

Posted By: Redsy Re: Old farm overhead still legal? - 05/23/02 10:40 AM
No ground for the receptacle?
Posted By: Don W Re: Old farm overhead still legal? - 05/23/02 11:33 AM
no there is no groung. The outlet is an old 2 wire type. This wiring was installed about the late 1940's early 1950's. The owner wants a new wire installed to replace what was broken by the tree limb. I wasn't sure if it was still legal to run wire this way. I did consider triplex but running a single conductor was a cheaper out for these older folks. Thanks for the replies.
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