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Electrical Inspector Certification

Posted By: master66

Electrical Inspector Certification - 04/22/02 09:19 PM

I've been trying to find out how to become a Certified Electrical Inspector in South-Western PA.

I've alredy contacted Experior and can only get the run around.

If there are any Inspectors, Please tell me how you did it.
Posted By: Bjarney

Re: Electrical Inspector Certification - 04/22/02 11:44 PM

Would IAEI be of any interest? I have an {NEC-based} ICBO inspector card--renewed by examination every three years--but I think that's only regionally recognized out west.

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Posted By: master66

Re: Electrical Inspector Certification - 04/23/02 01:36 AM


Thanks for the info but they give the same phone number for experior that I called 4 times since January and still have gotten no info. I'm starting to think it's personal...

Any other avenues?
Posted By: Electric Eagle

Re: Electrical Inspector Certification - 04/23/02 01:39 AM

I think in my area all you have to do is be a certified jerk with a bad case of hemoroids. Last week I scheduled an inspection and asked the inspector for a rough time so I could get him in the house, he told me he couldn't , but would try to get there at some time that day. Well he did make it, but unfortunately no one was home so he now wants a $50 re-inspect fee and wants me to be there(so he can make me lose a days work waiting) [Linked Image]
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