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Posted By: Larry M Conduit bending instruction? - 03/08/01 02:04 AM
Does anyone know where I could get some instructional tapes or books? Thank you for the help
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Conduit bending instruction? - 03/08/01 03:25 AM

Take a look at these sites.

Posted By: stingray Re: Conduit bending instruction? - 03/08/01 04:59 AM
Hi Larry. The Apprenticeship in our local uses " ELECTRICIANS GUIDE TO CONDUIT BENDING"
by Richard A. Cox. The book is ok but one thing about conduit bending is you need practice and experience. There are many different brands and types of benders, and whether its EMT, IMC or Rigid and even brands of pipe can make a difference. If your just running 1/2 inch EMT in the wall or making concentric bends with 3 inch rigid will make a big difference in time and precision. I as well as many others started with a bundle of 1/2 inch EMT and started bending. My first real experience on the job I was given a
1-1/4 inch hand bender and a 100 feet of 1-1/4 EMT. It was in a hospital and there wasn't much room, at the end of the day I had a good size bone pile.
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