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Posted By: scockril Power Cord Polarity - 03/01/01 10:38 PM
Some appliance cords and extension cords are marked with ridges or printed lines on one conductor. Do the markings indicate the "hot" or the neutral?
Posted By: Scott35 Re: Power Cord Polarity - 03/01/01 11:24 PM
That would be the Identified conductor.

Identified conductor is also a term for the Grounded conductor, which as everyone knows, is the Grounded Neutral conductor on 1 phase circuits.

This Identified conductor does mot always have to be the grounded conductor, as in where a 1 phase 2 wire 240 volt cord was used and it has an Identified conductor on the cord.

Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Power Cord Polarity - 03/02/01 07:30 AM

That is a good question! I've always wondered how common this knowledge is. I always use this method to figure out which is the neutral on a hanging Fixture.

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