Also in no particular order.
Last overseas travel was to Europe in 2019 , two months before the Covid was discovered.
Visited, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, over a period of 7 weeks.
Australia, many times
over the last 3 decades, WA, SA, NSW, Q, VIC, ACT.
New Caledonia,
Rarotonga, Palmerston Atol.
Buenos Aires,
USA 4 times over the last 15 years, mainly storm chasing, Oklahome, Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, N-S Dakota, Manitoba (Canada) Kentucky, Illenois, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas,
Colorado, Wyoming, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico.
Egypt, Libia, Russia, USSR.
Most of Europe while I lived there.
and probably forgotten some places as well.